The Concepts Lab merges learning, ideation, research, prototyping, and planning to conceive and plan next-generation products and services in areas like Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Driverless Vehicles, Healthcare Delivery, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and more. 

Basic UX, product management and development training in websites, ecommerce and apps is no longer enough. The next wave of technologists are already conceiving, designing, and launching complex interactive services and ecosystems that incorporate automation, complex sensors, ambient controls, and machine learning in incredible ways. These sectors are also evolving very, very quickly. 

Complex systems and new interactions require much more sophisticated knowledge and learning. The Concepts Lab is tomorrow's advanced training. 



1. Learn valuable skills in the advanced, holistic systems thinking and service design approaches that are needed for leading and working in next-generation technologies

2. Gain knowledge, understanding and experience in these new sectors, which are also hiring rapidly. Hear from industry experts, mentors and guest speakers in each subject.

3. Create cutting-edge projects with a progressive social lens that will be presented in compelling, polished case studies that are employer, portfolio and awards-ready

4. Meet fellow smart creative thinkers and doers, have fun, learn a ton and work hard!